Accurator Video


During  The Big Future of Data  event on October 2-3, 2014, we presented our golden demo along with a new poster describing the project:

On November 27 – 28 at ICTOPEN 2013 in Eindhoven we presented several posters to a varied audience from science and industry:

On October 23 – 23 at ICTOPEN 2012 in Rotterdam we presented the following poster:


On Thursday, 14 November 2013 the 3rd Symposium of SEALINCMedia: “Socially-Enriched Access to Linked Cultural Media” was held in the auditory of  Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Below are the publicly available presentations.

On May 11th the CATCH meeting ‘Cultural Heritage Getting Social’ took place in Delft. The meeting was co-organised by NWO and CATCH within the scope of the SEALINCMedia project and featured seven interesting speakers. Below are the recorded presentations.


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