3rd SEALINCMedia Symposium

On Thursday, 14 November 2013 the 3rd Symposium of the project SEALINCMedia: “Socially-Enriched Access to Linked Cultural Media” will be held in the auditory of  Rijksmuseum, Museumstraat 1 in Amsterdam. The SEALINCMedia project is a part of the FES COMMIT program.

The objectives of the project are to

develop computer science inspired solutions to enrich collections using Internet enabled reliable, scalable and cost effective collaborative content curation and to improve accessibility through advanced personalized content recommendation and search functionalities.

The goal of the Symposium is to bring together the representatives of all participating institutions to exchange the experiences of the second project year and present, demonstrate and discuss the obtained results.

The symposium is also open to scientists and professionals from outside SEALINCMedia, who are interested in recent advances in the fields of multimedia indexing, recommendation and search, as well as the emerging disciplines like crowdsourcing, and how these can improve the technological base underlying the trend of the cultural heritage going digital, online and social.

The program of the Symposium will consist of plenary presentations given by the speakers from both the cultural heritage and computer science domain, as well as of a demo market where the state-of-the-art solutions will be presented for multimedia content recommendation, indexing and search applied to cultural heritage use cases.

The Symposium will take place from 9:30am until 2pm, including lunch. The program will be posted here soon. If you would like to attend please let us know here not later than 5 November. For more information on the meeting please contact Ms. Saskia Peters (s.peters [at] tudelft.nl).


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